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Dear patient here is some information about our scanning schedule, appointments and general instructions. Please feel free to call for detailed instructions and information.

Digital x rays:
Open from 8.30 am till 8.30 pm Monday to Saturday. Reports usually are available on the same day as per doctors reporting schedule except after 7.30 pm. For procedures prior appointment is preferable as some medications and precautions have to be taken on the previous day.


Sonography2For routine sonographies please take an appointment to avoid waiting time and repeat visits. All instructions are available on phone. For special sonographies like colour Doppler, 3d/4d anomaly scan, prior appointment is required as these scans take longer to finish. For anomaly scan repeat scanning the same day or next day may be required depending on fetal position. Reports are given the same day.


Ct scan
Open 24 hours Monday to Saturday. Please contact us for prior appointments. Abdominal scans and scans which require i.v contrast( a special injection to be given during ct scan) require fasting and some blood tests reports. For serious patients we give urgent provisional reports and final reports for all patients are given the next day. In some high risk situations stand by anesthetist may be called.

Please understand that for all scans we have to give priority to admit/serious patients. Non urgent patients are requested to co-operate with us. Sometimes this leads to increased waiting time.


Blood tests/urine/ all laboratory tests
Blood Overnight fasting is required. Usually the blood collections starts at 8.30am. Laboratory is open till 8.00 pm. All routine laboratory reports are given the same day as per the processing time except after 6.00 pm.



1st floor matruchaya building
( opposite shoe mall)
Agra road Kalyan west

Landline numbers : - 2207201/2207200
E-mail: nirvyajdiagnosticcentre@gmail.com


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