About Nirvyaj Why Us

In todays corporate world most services are business oriented. Nirvyaj was started by Dr. Martand Naik(m.d radio-diagnosis-director and chief radiologist )in 2005 with a vision of providing quality oriented service and attention to details with accurate reports. All technical aspects of x rays and pathology are personally supervised by Dr. Martand Naik and Dr (Mrs) Rashmi m. naik(m.d; dnb; pathology-chief pathologist). All sonographies are personally done by or supervised by Dr. Martand Naik. Each and every pathology blood test reporting, slide microscopy is done by Dr Rashmi. This greatly reduces scope for error and also increases the accuracy of the final outcome. We repeat examinations and run samples again if there is any doubt, be it x rays or sonography or blood tests. Our aim is…

“ no patient should leave from nirvyaj until we as doctors are satisfied that we have given him/her the most accurate and clear report which will help in getting the correct treatment “

This principle has proven itself over the years with excellent feedback from treating surgeons, Physicians and gynecologists about our reports and consistency.



1st floor matruchaya building
( opposite shoe mall)
Agra road Kalyan west

Landline numbers : - 2207201/2207200
E-mail: nirvyajdiagnosticcentre@gmail.com


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